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Kia Niro Family

The Kia Niro Electrified family is high in style and low on emissions. Each Niro model features unique crossover styling with brand new design details, and energy-efficient capabilities that go further – and take you further – than ever before.

Thanks to our advanced powertrains, our Kia Niro models allow for freedom on every journey. Choose from one of three fuel efficient and low emissions vehicles – without having to compromise on style.

Which Niro is right for you?


Designed for both urban and long distance driving the e-Niro is now available with a 39kWh mid-range battery with a very competitive range of 180 miles on a single charge. For customers who need to travel further between charges, the extensive 64kWh battery on the e-Niro ‘3’ is designed for long range journeys of up to 282 miles on a single charge. For the first time the e-Niro range (‘4+’) also includes an AC 11Kw (3-phase) on-board charger to give faster charging when using the public charging network.

Niro Plug-in Hybrid

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid strikes an ideal balance between optimum fuel efficiency and an electrically driven city-condition range; boasting an electric autonomy of 30 miles, which is enough for most daily commutes without using any fuel. The Plug-in Hybrid is a petrol engine combined with an electric motor and a battery, similar to a self-charging hybrid, the battery can be charged whilst driving, but for the full benefit, you will need to plug in. Charging a PHEV should take less than three hours.

Niro Self Charging Hybrid

The Niro Self Charging Hybrid employs a sophisticated parallel hybrid system, greatly reducing emissions on everyday journeys yet still offering great flexibility. There is no need to plug in this model.

Kia Latest News


Kia has won two awards at the first ever What Car? Electric Car Awards. The already multi-award winning e-Niro won Best Electric small SUV, while the Niro PHEV was awarded Best Hybrid small SUV, both available at Drayton Motors.


Eco Range Brochure

Find out more about various Eco powertrains within the Kia range, including both Niro and Ceed family, the Sportage Mild-Hybrid and many more.
Eco Range